About us
We proudly introduce 123 couriers which may sound like a new name but the promoters and senior management of 123 couriers are experienced and dedicated who are in the industry for almost a decade.

A dynamic growth of commerce and industry began to place new and considerable pleasures on service industry. It requires rapid advancement in the electronic communication, well developed software and proper transportation to enrich the service industry. By keeping all this in mind we developed and launched 123 Couriers which will satisfy your expectation on courier industry and prompt service.

123 Couriers has been netted with single minded objective operators and its facilitated with experienced personnel and latest developed user friendly software. We offer c comprehensive large of service and products for both international and domestic shippers at an affordable prices.

123 Couriers has been settled with strong network which can reach the every place in Tamilnadu. The company has been set up in keeping mind that the objective of providing prompt service to meet the need of both the commercial and private sector.